CWWK / ChangWang router boards

Last summer I bought 6x2.5Gbps router box from teklager TLSense N5105L6: 6x 2.5Gbit LAN, N5105 CPU,

It has CWWK made CW-N11 motherboard.

I was wondering if anyone else has similar hardware and got beeper working in IPFire? pcspkr module is loaded and there are no errors when runing command beep -l 100 --verbose. All I can hear is click/pop when sound is played, if it’s melody I hear multiple clicks.

Speaker is workin fine when board is starting (post beep) and it works fine in Passmark Memtest86. IPFire’s Red up/down events produce only clicks but no audible beeps.

I tried also snd_pcsp module but it’s same click/pop when running beep, not sure if it needs more configuring than disabling pcspkr and enabling snd_pcsp modules.

Other complaint I have so far from this box is that thermainterface had bad contact with CPU, I had to put thin shim between case and copper block that sits between case and cpu. Simply repasting would not help in my case since there was too big cap between cpu and copper block when everything was properly tighten. Orginally that copper block was tighten very loosely to case and had lot of thermal paste between.

So if you have bought similar China made router it might be good practice to take it apart. Remove all thermal paste from everywhere and spread very thin layer of new paste only on CPU. Put everything back together and take it apart imminently to see if CPU made any contact to thermalinterface. Mine didn’t leave any mark to heatsink so I had really bad connection.

Now temps stay nicely under 70c at 100% CPU load and in regular use temps are varying between 30c-50c when C-States are enabled.

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Sounds like a bargain for a router board, with 2.5Gbps, fiber connections needs those.

What are your expectations for future firmware support with this board?

Likely not long but atleast there is support page where one can download firmware updates. For my board newest firmware was only little bit newer than it already had, 2022-05-30 → 2022-06-10. Download page shows modified 2023-11-04 but that is bit missleading since bios file inside zip is modifed 2022-06-10

ServeTheHome forums have lot’s of discussion about these bargain boards and some mentions about firmware updates. This is current page for firmware updates and it can be found on and pages.

I think that is going to be a deal breaker for a firewall appliance.,

I just noticed that APU boards are loosing firmware support very soon