Customize URL filter or SARG

I would like to know if there is any possibility to improve the visualization of the logs, or some repository, the client does not understand anything he is seeing.

Hello Fernando,

You’d have to go into much more detail of what you are looking for. Maybe add examples of what you see today AND why it is hard to understand.

And add examples of what you would like to see AND why it is better.

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for example in this URL filter print, it appears that the IP has access to a blocked site that would be a social network, how can I know if it was really blocked, because in SARG when I go to the denied sites option and I look for the same IP it is not on the list or I don’t know how to look in the right place.

The wiki page for URL Filter says that if Enable Log is selected then all the Blocked sites are written to the log. The wiki page for the URL Logs indicates the same thing.

So any entry in the URL Logs is for something that was blocked.

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thanks friend, I managed to understand the filter now.