Customer>green network VPN box>blue network NAS

we installed a VPN box to access the 192.168.1 green network.
the VPN address range 192.168.2. 1 to 3
the blue network address range 192.168.3

Stations located in the green network access the NAS in the blu network without problem.
When the workstations switch to a VPN connection they can access the resources of the green network but can no longer access the NAS blue network.
I tried an IP rule (192.168.2. 1 to 3) or Mac from the station to the NAS address without result.
I tried to disable the workstation’s firewall without success.
I tried turning off my green to blue block everything rule.

Thanks for your help.

OpenVPN or IPSec VPN?

hello Jon,
these are not the vpns integrated into ipfire.
VPN type Wireguard.

Would you kindly draw a more explanatory network diagram?

I’m confused about the addresses reported here…

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Wireguard is not integrated on IPFire

OpenVPN or IPSec VPN are the only two VPNs integrated & supported on IPFire

EDIT: maybe I am completely missing the point…
Is the workstation with Wireguard set-up for outbound VPN?

And you are trying to have that workstation connect to Wireguard VPN and GREEN and BLUE?

I am guessing this might be a Wireguard setting more than an IPFire setting.

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I would look at the the firewall logs when you try to connect from green to blue.
Your VPN wiregaurd is probably not NATing your connection. Your Remote user may appear in a alien IP range and get blocked from going to blue.
Just a guess.

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