Custom lines in crontab lost after update 156

As far as I remember, I’ve already read it here in forums, however, I couldn’t find it anymore: I’ve updated from core 153 to core 156 and noticed that many of my own lines in crontab got deleted.

Obviously, it looks like pakfire did reset the content and dropped any custom lines.

So, what’s the best option to not loose custom changes again and again, during an update?
I’ve got a backup but nevertheless it’s cumbersome to add each line by line again.

Is there any user config file similar to firewall.local where custom jobs can be places, untouched by any update process?


Hi @hellfire

The way I did it was to create an additional user (fcronuser but it could be called anything) and create a fcrontab for that user.
I then added the fcronuser and fcronuser.orig files from /var/spool/cron into my include.user file for backup

When you do the above and need to run scripts or operations that require root access then you also have to create the sudoer entry for the fcronuser for those commands.

It took me a few attempts and time to get it working consistently so it is not direct and simple but it can be done.

OK, looks promising!

Maybe the only option we have right now and perhaps the only option Linux offers us, since it’s not an issue of IPFire per se I surely understand.

Yes, unfortunately fcron does not have an fcron.d directory where you can add your own commands that then get appended to the main fcrontab.