Cups & delete old print jobs after 1 hour

is there a possibility to delete old print jobs after 1 hour ?
Thank you.

Does no one know where the old print jobs are?
I would do this with a cronjob.

I don’t run cups on my IPFire firewall so I don’t know personally.

However some quick googling suggests that the jobs are in /var/spool/cups/

Also according to the cupsd.conf man page you can adjust the length of time that the files are left there by using the PreserveJobFiles seconds command. Apparently the default is 86400 secs which keeps them for a day.
You might also want to look at the PreserveJobHistory command.

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Ok deleting all files and subdirectories from “/var/spool/cups/” seems to be correct.

That it counts up the number of print jobs, over all, does not look nice but does not bother me for now.

the rest I do via the cron so that I do not fumble too much in the configuration of IPFire, because of update and stuff. :slight_smile: