Crossbrowser session?

So testing out some things I used three different browser, and copy pasted the URL to my local installation of IPFire between them. I was expecting a login prompt when first opening what should be a new session in another browser but it did not show. Other systems I use do not allow for that.

Is this not a security issue?

Just tried with Firefox andMS Edge.
I can’t reproduce the effect. After copy and paste of the URL from FF to Edge, the login prompt comes up.

I just tried with SeaMonkey and Firefox and can’t reproduce the effect either.

I logged in on SeaMonkey and then copied the URL to Firefox and the login prompt immediately came up.

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Hmm, could it be due to two chrome based browsers… I use Vivaldi that is Chrome based and Edge is also Chrome based.

Yes, that might be it (I really don’t know for sure) I picked up Firefox and the login came up.

Have you by any chance logged into your IPFire before with these browsers? As you probably noticed, the web interface uses the HTTP “basic” authentication scheme. This means the session is managed by the browser, so you have to close the whole browser (not just the tab) to log out.

Could this be another one of those weird Microsoft “features”?

Apparently they now sync open tabs, which would also have to include cookies and sessions?! As someone who regularly recommends separate browsers for different applications, I’m not sure I like this…

For clarity, I open and close the browsers (all tbs, the entire browser application) several times per day on up to 4 different computers and I do not store credentials in any of them. Have Bitwarden for that. 90% of the time I use Vivaldi, Bitwarden is not enabled in any other browser… I even mostly shut down a computer completely when done with it.

What you mention about Chrome is obviously a possibility. I don’t like it either, I went to Vivaldi looking for an enhanced functionality and some privacy improvements, but the latter seems moot if Google Chrome and MS Edge share data with Vivaldi via the engine… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: