Cron job dehydrated


Just noticed that the add-on dehydrated runs its own daily job, located in
/etc/fcron.daily/ deyhdrated

Content of the file dehydrated:

exec /usr/bin/dehydrated --cron

Can we please remove this job? I’m running my own job to renew some certs and performing my own logging, including merging the renewed certs in order to be ready for usage by add-on haproxy. So quite a few more steps then the original job does.

Moreover, both jobs may interfere each other and may hit some LE renewal limits.

OTH, the original job always writes some files into the file system root, that I do not want there. All of those files are named <>.unchanged.
Guess, that’s because the daily jobs discovered that the current certs, I’m using, are not subject to be renewed.

Of course I could delete the script, but I fear it will come back after an upgrade, at least when dehydrated gets an update.

I don’t use dehydrated so I do not know for sure…

But if /etc/fcron.daily/ deyhdrated was removed, wouldn’t this cause dehydrated to stop updating for all of the other IPFire deyhdrated users?

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Yes, I guess you are correct!

So, only solution probably is, to check if an update does re-create this file and deleted it afterwards.

Yes. But an update only happens once every month or two. So inconvenient but not too painful to check and delete.

Maybe even write a new cron script to check if the /etc/fcron.daily/deyhdrated exists and if it does exist then delete it.


Good point. A cron job to delete a cron job :grinning:
Will surely try this suggestion.

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