Coreboot and IPFire

I’ve been running IPfire on a 2 port Proteclii appliance in my home / office for a couple years now. Couldn’t be happier.

I’m now wanting to purchase a 4 port Proteclii and I have the option of AMI BIOS or Coreboot preinstalled.

My 2 port appliance purchased two years ago came with AMI BIOS and I’m curious whether IPFire will run on Coreboot or whether I should stick with AMI.

Does choice of AMI or Coreboot preinstalled matter to IPfire or does IPFire install its own at installation time?

Any comments or suggestions from forum members would be much appreciated.



Does choice of AMI or Coreboot preinstalled matter to IPfire or does IPFire install its own at installation time?

to my knowledge, IPFire does not try to change the firmware on boards it is booted on.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with Coreboot and IPFire, however, if any off-the-shelves Linux distribution
can make do with Coreboot, I would expect IPFire to run on it as well. Getting Coreboot on the board seems to be the
trickier part to me… :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

I thought the PC Engines apu / IPFire Mini Appliance already runs with coreboot?

I would choose coreboot (replacing proprietary firmware) then.

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Proteclii give the option of Coreboot (or AMI) pre-installed on their FW appliances… meaning their hardware will definitely work with Coreboot firmware.

The question I’m curious about is whether IPFire will install on top of Coreboot … my understanding and from what I have read, Coreboot is the more secure firmware.

I am wanting to purchase a 4 port FW appliance so I can start playing around with blue and orange setups.

I’m assuming it will but want to be sure before I go ahead and purchase. Have also posted this question to Protectlii Support, so we’ll see how we go.

I will certainly report back here either way.


Thanks @anon33261557, thats my plan once Proteclii confirm.


@pmueller & @anon33261557 … loos like IPFire running on Coreboot confirmed by Protectlii as OK. I received the following response from one of their techs:

I tested the most recent IPfire(2.25) along with our latest coreboot revision( and everything worked like a charm! You will no have issue coreboot flashed devices and IPfire.




I can confirm that IPFire runs with coreboot.
Since yesterday I use a XSK NUC Intel Celeron J3160. It is identical in construction with Protectli FW4B. I have flashed the coreboot from Protectli on the XSK. The device is now a FW4B and runs so far without problems with IPFire.

Thanks for reporting back here your findings.