Core-Update-Level 138

Since updating to Core 138, my Firewall Logs are showing Drop_NewNotSyn TCP for which appears to be an Amazon address.

I do NOT use Amazon. So I suspect your core 138 distro is somehow corrupted.
Since I do NOT use Amazon for anything, core 138 distro may be bad on one of your mirror sites.
But which one ???

I did NOT have this problem with core 137.


We do not mirror any data on Amazon. This might indeed not be Amazon themselves but a host which is running in the Amazon Cloud.

If you think this is wrong that you are seeing packets from there, you could consider filing an abuse request with AWS.


Are you using firefox ?

If you do, firefox now connect to aws for ublock or adaware … can’t remember which one.

On day two after update to core 138, the problem does not appear in the logs ???
I guess amazon learned that I don’t use them.