Core update issues with newer hardware

Hello, I own a mini pc N100, 8GB Ram, 120 Gb nvme and 4x2.5 gb I226 and since I have it (beginning on this year) both core updates (184 and 185) have crashed my firewall and I have been forced to reinstall and restore the system from backup, is there any issues with newer hardware that are causing my system to behave this way, I use IPF for long time with no issues upgrading the releases but since I got this machine every time a new update is installed I end having to reinstall the system, have other people with similar hardware have the same issue, is there any logs i can send to help resolve this issue before i reinstall my system.

Thank you

Could you be more specific about “crashed my firewall”. There have been issues with core updates on some hardwares. See:

Sure, the screen got stuck in packfire applying the updates then I open another window in the browser, went to and got " Hmmm… can’t reach this page", locally i had a ssh session open and i can reboot from there but im afraid that after the reboot i will lose access to the outside and will have to reinstall exactly as it happened with core update 184.

Hi @klauss214659 sounds like a similar issue to this one: Core Update 185 - #14 by sec-con
We also had the Pakfire screen “freeze” and various options were applied, but at the end of the day, the update went fine. Maybe check out those posts?

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Well, after the hard reboot the Ipfire started working again, so I have not yet been forced to reinstall. Just mentioning that for clarity.

Also, you should be able to install from backed up ISO’s, keeping your settings, thus not starting all over from scratch. At least in theory, I have not tested that procedure.

@sec-con Understood, I simply used the reference to point the OP to the similar thread, although I see @rodneyp also mentioned the same thread earlier, so apologies for the repeat post. Regarding restoring from backup ISO, the issue with that is that you then go back to CU184, so does not really “fix” the update issue. Nevertheless, it seems that there are no lasting effects with CU185 locking up, at least not yet.

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Hello again, I rebooted my FW today using the ssh session i had open since yesterday, waited for about 10 minutes and nothing so I hard rebooted it and while I was preparing the flash drive to start the reinstall went to check the ping window one more time and google was responding, don’t know what happened after I hard rebooted it, but it is working for now.