Core Update 182 testing: No Proxmox VirtIO NIC and disk

After testing upgrade 182 in a Proxmox VM, all VirtIO NICs are gone.
Changing the emulation to Intel 1000 does not help, which makes me wonder since the Intel driver is part of almost every operating system.

Also, the VirtIO SCSI drive is inaccessible at boot, but switching to IDE disk allows booting.
This is the same behavior as 181.

I have had a similar result with my VirtualBox vm’s.

Everything okay after doing the update but after the reboot all nics are also gone.

I have raised a bug on this.

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for those that updated a production instance like I did, I’ve attached the which goes into /usr/lib

you’ll also want to make sure your static link of → is there, if not create it. (96.2 KB)

after doing the above i was able to check everything under the status tab again and all seems to be working. i am backing up the firewall before rebooting just in case it tanks.

if this post isn’t allowed by all means please delete it or let me know and ill delete it.

Please run the update again after restoring the liblzma (the update should now fixed)
to get the current version 5.4.5 and repair the initrd.

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see this to update:

I tested the update again: NICs are fine, but VirtIO SCSI still fails.