Core Update 171

Hi guys.

I just upgraded to 171 and everything seems to be working fine. The update has been made from the Test version to the Master version and it has gone very well.

My profile is: - Profile 9d73b2b007ea75a8c15d748d8ac07e6effd8ec8f

I thank all the developers and testers (everyone involved) for their hard work and dedication. :+1:



Yesterday I updated my backup Ipfire2 from 169 to 171, and I use the ASIX ax88179_178a USB-to-LAN adapter. It works just fine now!

And as an extra bonus. I replaced my old Ipfire2 with a new PC as the old hardware stopped working, but the WiFi Access Point on the new hardware did not want to start. I did not have time too look into it and as I only use it for backup when running on UPS is during power failure, I thought I can check that later.

But after the update to 171, the WiFi Access Point just suddenly worked. Without me doing anything at all :slight_smile:

As Roberto Peña says, thanks to all developers and testers for IPFire and for all your work you do for the community!

My profile is - Profile 43b96d253bb6bfefbb27b7b4222ad7c3793c140f

I wish you all a nice weekend!


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