Core update 171 : pakfire errors


yesterday I decided to move from 170 to 171 and I had pakfire error :slight_smile:

I had to reboot (normal after the update)
So Gardian was in errror
Need to run pakfire again : seems OK
New reboot
Saw that Guardian service was not started
Manual start of Guardian : OK

Update the list and upgrade again. It works for me.

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are you using an upstream proxy by any chance?

If so, it might be that the upgrade to Core Update 171 caused, for example, the termination of VPN connections. In such a case (presumed that the upstream proxy is behind a VPN), immediate attempts of Pakfire to update all the add-ons as well will fail.

As @steven pointed out, updating the add-ons should work fine at a later point in time, where the necessary preconditions for fetching package lists are met again.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller