Core 183 - update feedback

Ok… this may see nitpicky, but I’m not a fan of the new pink theme and the missing penguin.

The pink is just too bright.
Would be nice if you just kept the old theme and added a dark mode.

Also, I’ve been using IPfire for ages and one thing that has always bothered me is the Self-Signed certificate. In the past I’ve manually installed my trusted cert, but it always gets overwritten during update. It would be nice if we could install a cert for the WebGUI and have it persist through updates.

Other than that, I love IPfire!


I’d second that for the WebGUI certificates! It already is one of the first and annoying things I do after each update, checking if I need to copy my own certificates back to where they belong.


I mean the SSH host keys don’t change. so why do these certs need to? The certs I install don’t go away, but the apache.conf file has to be re-edited each time. Cert installation function is already in place for the VPN, why not apply it to the WebGUI too?

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Yes, the design hasn’t become any prettier. The color is too bright, the design (which design?) is boring.

Clarity is also important, which has become much worse with the new font. Especially on smaller screens the readability has suffered a lot.

It would be nice if improvements were made here.

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do not feel bad. it is not nit-picking. it is called ergonomics!
i am very thankfull you have made the screenshots.

as written already the chosen new color is stressing the eyes
and makes it a very uncomfortable to work with wui now!
one can do some research in ergonomics on that!

were there any problems with the 182 colors/fonts?
did the old colors/fonts caused any functional problems?

was there so much free and unused development-
capacity to ‘invest’ in changing a robust working
ergonomic color/font system?

hostname confusion wanted:
IPFire_ - is more than three times the
space consuming and litterally disturbing.

forcing a font to the user? this is sad!
what is the intention on that move?
also just a huge step backwards on ergonomics.

i am capable of buying ipfire appliances and
supporting on configure them for the ones who
can not do it by themselves.
not patching things that already worked!

now i have to freeze these appliances at 182 as
183s wui is obviously not usable anymore without a
massive drawback in ergonomics.


I love it!!!

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Don’t love it. For the same reasons that have been mentioned before, especially the font style.

Have created a bug if anyone wants to comment as well:

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