Core 166/next - testing - where to report findings of tests

I’m presently stress testing core Update 166 Development Build: next/3110d7a9, going though as many checks as I can particularly on the backup/restore side. Obviously, lots I won’t be able to check.

I don’t think a bug report is appropriate because a ‘next/’, being a ‘Work In Progress’, is possible that a number of the quirks I came across have probably already been resolved and we don’t want to sidetrack the deveolpers with unnecessary bug alerts.

Placing them here in a blog topic might have actual outstanding bugs overlooked by the folks working on fixes, and disappear off the radar.

My question is, where is the best place to post such findings ?

If you have a question/concern about core Update 166 Development Build, feel free to ask here in the IPFire Community.

If you are sure (or pretty sure) it is a bug, then add it to bugzilla.

Make sure you add Core 166 testing to the title of your bug just like you did here!

In the bottom left corner of the IPFire WebGUI there is a line of text that includes build info. It is similar to above:

Please include the entire line into your bugzilla report so the Devs know your tested build.

IPFire 2.27 (aarch64) - Core Update 165 Development Build: master/6b10e08a

Thanks in advance for your help!

Keep in mind the testing version of CU 166 has not been made available for testing. So what you downloaded may be a rough around the edges.

When CU 166 testing is available, you will see a message in the blog similar to this.

this one is for CU 165:


Looks like 166 went straight to general release.
Will be testing that version.

I just completed a full install of the recently released stable core 166, and then did a restore from a core 165 backup done using the suggested “cd / && backupctrl include” via console. The restore worked really well except for the logwatch files for the log summary (I will report that bug)
Restore tested items were.
. SSH Keys worked
. All graphs ok except the fwhits graph shows error already existing in 165. bug was reported.
. Connection scheduler, DNS, Web proxy, URL Filter, DHCP configs and fixed leases list, all ok
. Time server settings ok
. IPS rules all loaded. Only thing was service had to be started via the SAVE button.
. User fw rules, blue access devices, service groups and user services, location list, firewall options, iptable CUSTOMINPUT, all ok
. Firewall logs appear intact except the log summary.
( eg: /var/log/logwatch/2022-03-31 could not be opened ).

I have not yet tested a WebUI backup of 166 onto a fresh installed 166.

You lads have done a great job in nailing this one down. Two thumbs up !!!

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Bug # 12827 submitted for the missing Log Summary data from restore.

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Update core 166 web admin backup 11:42 size 25MB
terminal update

backup 11:40 size 136MB

       problem ??       recovery no test

I suspect that your 136MB backup is one that you did including logs.
The 25MB backup from 11:42, the time you did your CU166 update if I understand correctly, will be the backup that IPFire does automatically before any Core Update. However that backup is carried out excluding logs.

You can easily find out by opening the two files using a GUI based archiver, although you can also do it via the command line using an appropriate tar command to view or extract.
The backup .ipf file is basically a tar archiive.

If the backup has been done excluding logs then if you look in the archive in var/log/ you will find just two directories, rrd and vnstat.
You can confirm that the backup fix was implemented by looking in var/ipfire/ and there should be a minimum of 32 directories. There can be more depending on the addons that you have installed. If the ddns and dhcp directories are present then the fix has been applied and is working.

In the larger backup in the var/log/ directory there will be aadditional directories for pakfire, squid, squidGuard and suricata. Additionally there will be all the gzipped messages logs and the running messages log together with logfiles for pakfire, setup and dhcpcd.
Again looking in the var/ipfire/ directory will tell you if this backup was done before the fix or after. If the directories ddns and dhcp are not present then that backup is affected by the bug and should not be used.

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thanks I’ve already figured it out it’s Exclude logfiles / a include logfile