Core 154: Problems with local domain name resolving

I just find out, that I have problems with the dns name resolving.

When use a ping on the ipfire, I will get for some items with
the list

ping: : Name or service not known

I checked the host entries and the dhcp server, everything is fine
configured and I do not see a failure.

How to fix this ?

Best regards and stay save

can you screenshot the top part of Network > DHCP Server ?

Hello Paul,

what type of the DHCP server settings would you like to see ?

  • Area mac. address assigned to IP address ?

I am using static IP Address for specifiy mac address

Or the setting of the green interface. I do not have a blue interface anymore.

Best regards

Here are the settings.
I blanked security information of the network.
DHCP Settings

Static mac address

Best regards

Thank you. There is no reason to redact the private ip since this is your private network, nobody can access Anyway, I wanted to check that DNS and DOMAIN are set up.

But I cannot figure out the second screen (I don’t speak German). Usually, you define static ip’s from Network > Edit Hosts. I assume the static ip’s are all in the .6 subnet (but all of them are redacted) and also those static ip’s should be outside the DHCP range .150 - .200.

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Hello Paul,

I guess I found the reason for the problem,
after I setup the setting of the NTP server and the WINS-Server, which is in my case the same as for the DNS server, the problem is gone.

Thanks paul for your support.

Best regards and stay save