Core 154 - Addon naming / version

On a production machine i don’t really want to install nightly addons, so i wonder if something went wrong or why some addons have “nightly” names.

As an example I would like to mention hostapd. I have expected something like hostapd-2.9-54 but the name is hostapd-581dfcc-54.

My question now is, was this naming planned or is it a mistake? Or is maybe the wrong version released?

This version fix an important bugs in encryption and there is no stable hostapd release yet. Latest stable is from 2019-08-07


I am on core 153.Is that why my version is from 2019?

hostapd -v

hostapd v2.9
User space daemon for IEEE 802.11 AP management,
IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator
Copyright © 2002-2019, Jouni Malinen and contributors

Never mind, just saw the new Core 154 update in pakfire