Core 153 > 154 Update Question

According to the blog post at:

wget was updated to 1.21 with the 154 update.

After installing the update, wget is reporting a 1.20.x version versus 1.21.

Other random package version checks align with what was in the blog post except for wget.

Did the wget listed version make it into the 154 update and/or have there been any reports of update issues with said package?

For anyone who went from 153 to 154, is your wget showing 1.21?


Hi @ipfire_user

I just checked and mine is also showing version 1.20.3
I did a reboot just to be sure that wasn’t the problem but the version stayed the same.

I checked the wget on my Arch Linux system and that comes up with 1.21.1

Definitely the commit for 1.21 was part of Core Update 154 - I just checked in GIT

Not sure what has happened.

I just installed Core Update 155, that I had built for doing some testing with, on my VM Testbed.
wget shows version 1.21 in that build

So it will come with the next Core Update but it is not clear why it isn’t showing up in Core Update 154 as the commit is there and looks normal.;a=commit;h=888a21f928d1eb79ae7049bdde394f54ebc39e2c

Thanks for the responses and the note about 155!