Core 144 Web Proxy No Twitter images

Update to 144 this AM.

Run VPN forwarding and proxy.pac. No Twitter images will display with any browser set to automatic proxy settings.

All OK when Automatic proxy turned off. Running VPN app from desktop also works OK. OS is Win 7 Pro. A Linux Mint Virtualbox on that machine shows same behavior. Switch from automatic proxy to no proxy is done via Win internet connections dialog.

Worked fine before update to 144. New Squid glitch?

Hi @r-rack.

I´ve the 144 version and Twitter works for me well. I´ve Squid in transparent mode.

Maybe somebody helps you. Luck :wink:


Thanks for the reply.

The problem I have is when the web proxy is connected to a VPN via an upstream proxy. Twitter works for me otherwise, even with the VPN client on the desktop. Seems to be just Twitter, too.

Upstream proxy connection blocks all images on Twitter. Upstream proxy rocks, so, I’m trying to figure this out, even though there are workarounds.

Thanks again.