Core 140 Safe Search

Does Safe Search in core 140 provide a whitelist to exclude certain IP addresses or networks frombeing blocked?


no, that cannot be done. Not because we did not implement it, but because the search engines decide what to filter and what not.

There will be a blog post this week with more details about it.

Sorry, but no search engine can decide what i need to black- and whitelist. My Blacklist is over 140.000 URL’s long, not even Porn, Violance or else, but also (e.g.) Facebook is blocked. DNS over TLS might be safe, but it tooks a big chunk of autonomy away from the users. I always liked IPFire very much for many years, but i think this step not ok.

No, that is not how Safe Search works. It does not replace any white/blacklisting.

What it does is when someone goes on and searches for “tits” it won’t show any. That is something that an URL blacklist cannot do.

DNS over TLS has nothing to do with it. It will just change in what way you connect to the DNS servers you are using.

IPFire still has all URL filtering capabilities it had before. Please check out the URL filter.