Conversion of AP WLAN BLUE LAN to USB


I want to replace my old AP with LAN connection in the future with a USB stick.

How do I configure this ?

Uninstall the LAN connection ? What happens to the rules, which affect the BLUE net ?


Do I install a completely new IPFIRE ?

What happens here with the rules for the BLUE network when a backup is installed ?

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Your description is confusing, but I’m guessing you have a BLUE ethernet NIC, and an ethernet access point attached to that NIC. You want to switch to a USB WiFi card.

Firstly, don’t do that. Using a USB adapter is more complicated as it needs hardware support (often you will have to hunt down VERY specific hardware revisions of VERY specific adapters), is often subject to hangs (due to USB cards not ipfire), and some chipsets/drivers have arbitrary limits on the number of clients. Access points are made to work like… access points.

If you still decide to do it, just redetect the BLUE network, set it to the WiFi adapter, install the hostapd Addon and off you go.


All of the people that respond to IPFire Community posts are volunteers. So some issues may take a few days for a response. (I am one of those volunteers).

If quicker response is needed, I believe there is paid support available. I have not reviewed the paid support so I know little to nothing about it.

Hope that helps explain why immediate response is not available.


Agreed with Jon.

If a post has been missed which does happen from time to time then a gentle nudge normally gets a response.

IMO the IPFire team do an excellent job given their resources and the community are very supportive.



If you are looking at usb wireless devices then also look at the network hardware compatibility list.

Sorry, only the second link. The first link is for usb ethernet connections. My error, I didn’t read it closely enough.
Second link is for the wireless USB adapters.

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