Content Blocking does not work ( .exe .docx )

we want to block download by categories. I tick following options but did not work.

File extension blocking
Block executable files: Block audio/video files: Block compressed archive files:

@kaween1 Welcome! Did you click “Save and Restart” after selecting your options?

Yes. I already did it. are there any ways to add content blocking?

What mode is your proxy in? Transparent or non-transparent?
Have you configured your browser to use the proxy?

Also note than in regex a . means any single character. It needs to be escaped to mean a period e.g. \.exe. Your filter will block files with .exe in the name but it will also block files with, for example, bexe in the name. I am not sure if each entry has to be on a separate line. Try with a single file type first.

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This feature doesn’t work for https connections bechause the proxy not see the full url or the content of the encrypted content. (even in non-trasparent mode)


Thank you. i used non-transparent mode. now a days we have https sites. the any methods to block https?