Connscheduler doubt

Dear Sirs:
It is my first post in this forum, therefore my cordial greetings to all the members of it.
The Internet provider that I have hired periodically restarts the modem and therefore changes the IP that I have assigned as
So I also have problems with the DHCP. Restarting the ipfire is solved but I want to restart without reboot.
The connsheduler Reconnect command includes a stop and then start from the red network or should I manually do it before reconnecting?
Waiting for your suggestions
Thank in advance.
Best regards.

Hello Jorge - Welcome to the IPFire Community!

There are others with a similar issues that have posted in the community. I have not experienced the same issue so I do not know the solution. Maybe give the connsheduler Reconnect command a try.

Also, you may want to post items from the log. That should help others assist you with a fix.

Here is one post I found that may help:

EDIT: Here is another:

with this solution:

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