Connection tracking daemon-Warn

Team, I’m getting tracking daemon warn on system halt or reboot. After some research I found out this thread about conntrack Connection Tracking Daemon Not Running? - #6 by pmueller, but no add-on about conntrackd. I would like help, please. Isn’t connection track daemon supposed to be working? If not conntrack then what service is not enabled or what is enabled that is requesting tracking daemon?
Many thks

please post all your logs.

@cfusco Can you please be a bit more specific. All?

start with the warning.

cfusco is on halt or reboot of the system. I can take picture with cell phone, would that be ok?

Yes, a picture is better than nothing. However if you go to the console, you can search the logs based on a string of characters:

grep "string" /var/log/messages

also, the last boot logs are in /var/log/bootlog

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The Logs are in physical computer and i’m not running ssh at the moment. Could you please tell me what you might be thinking is not working.
In order for me to connect to ssh from my windows, I’ll have to do it tomorow!

The screen is missing a section (you should try to provide all the info to be able to get help), but to me looks like the connection with your provider is not working, as the DHCP server seems to be down.

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That’s the SSH disabled - remote

The log is filled with suricata errors - duplicate signature or error parsing signature. waiting for midnight to overwritte this 25.6 log

OK, then tomorrow you need to post the content of /var/log/bootlog and the output of the command dmesg -T, right after reboot, as the messages shown by dmesg come from the kernel’s ring buffer, a data structure that stores the most recent messages. When the buffer fills up, the oldest messages are discarded to make room for new ones.

We need some clue on why conntrack is down.

perfect. Thks

OK, after doing some research, I found out that you can ignore the warning. If you list your kernel modules you will find this:

lsmod | grep conntrack
nf_conntrack_netlink    57344  0
xt_conntrack           16384  7

These are kernel modules that enable connection tracking within the kernel itself and facilitate communication between user-space applications and the kernel’s connection tracking system.
The presence of these modules enables us to use the conntrack utility, even in the absence of the conntrackd daemon. This is because the conntrackd daemon provides supplementary functionality which isn’t a necessity for the fundamental operation of connection tracking.

The link to the thread you have posted corroborates this understanding. As discussed in the thread conntrackd.conf configuration file, which is essential for starting the conntrackd daemon (*), is no longer provided in IPFire. Therefore, if you encounter a warning about the conntrackd daemon not starting, you can safely disregard it.

(*) this code is present in the startup script /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S22conntrackd, the relevant part is posted below, if the conntrackd.conf is missing, the script will exit immediately before starting the daemon.

case "${1}" in
		# Don't attempt to launch the daemon when we have no configuration
		if [ ! -s "/etc/conntrackd/conntrackd.conf" ]; then
			exit 0

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