Connection Status and -Control won't disconnect

Hello, I’m using core 156 and have a roadwarrior setup (first time ever) using port 443 UDP.

When I turned on my openvpn client (android phone) the ipfire connection status and control gui correctly changed to Connected.
When I disconnected the client (android phone) the ipfire status and control gui still says Connected.
Refreshing the page made no difference and using another browser to view the ipfire gui made no difference.
Am I missing something or have I discovered a bug?

I seem to remember it taking 20-30 seconds. And then do a browser refresh.

Also, try checking on a second browser…

Thanks for the response Jon. I did try another browser before I posted :wink:
It is now a new morning and I have logged back on to my Ipfire web gui to check if the openvpn session is still showing as connected. It has now changed to disconnected as it should be.
The ipfire web gui session had timed out and asked for my login credentials again so perhaps this has allowed the correct connection state to be displayed?

Further tinkering this morning:
I have connected my phone to the ipfire openvpn server successfully.
Hit the browser refresh button to allow the connection status to change from disconnected to connected.
I disconnected the openvpn session from my phone and the connection status on ipfire gui still says connected, I refresh the browser and it doesn’t change to show disconnected.
I tried logging into the web gui from a different browser and the connection status still says connected, which is wrong.

I don’t know what is going on yet.