Connection Status and Control DISCONNECTED

Connection Status and Control, I have a VPN user (RoadWarrior) connected and correctly accessing the network, but the status is in DISCONNECTED, it should not be in CONNECTED ???.

Thanks and sorry for my english.

Is this user own line connected to VPN at the time of screen shot?
If no one is connected that is normal.
If I turn off wifi on my phone I can connect to my VPN and it will change to connected when I refresh
my browser page.
Long as it is running.

The screenshot is when the user is connected to the VPN. The page is refreshed and the status does not change.

I don’t think the webpage gets an instant update. It takes about 20 or so seconds. Maybe because of browser caching? I honestly don’t know. But I do see that it is not instant for me either.

Thanks, but I still have the problem, nor connected for more than an hour does the status change. I’ll keep looking …

What happens if you use a different browser? Or try using a different device/computer to view the OpenVPN webgui at https://ipfire:444/cgi-bin/ovpnmain.cgi ?