Connecting two networks over a third Ipfire-instance


I´m trying to connect two networks over a third Ipfire-instance. The “normal” direct net-to-net connection does not work because one net is only connected by a mobile connection without a public IPV4-address.
Is this a possible venture?



for better understanding, could you show graphically what you need?




I’ll try to explain it better:

Two networks, both with Ipfires, should be connect via a net-to-net connection via OpenVPN.
A direct connection is not possible because one network does not have a public IPV4-address (connected via mobile LTE).

I already set up a third Ipfire on Hetzner Cloud with a static IP. I want to use this “cloud” Ipfire to connect the two other networks.

Hope this describes my problem clearer.

one network does not have a public IPV4-address (connected via mobile LTE).

Does the second IPFire have a public IP address?

Yes, the second and the Cloud-Ipfire have a public IP.

If one of the IPFire has a public IP address, then you don’t need a “third instance.”
You configure the IPFire with the public address as an N2N OpenVPN server and the other as an N2N OpenVPN client

Below are links to helpful IPFire Wiki pages.


N2N = Net-to-Net

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I was not precise enough. The net-to-net connection should still work when the primary internet connection fails and switches to LTE Backup. In this case only the “cloud” ipfire has a public IP.

I think then Cloud IPFire needs to be set as N2N OpenVPN Server.
Other steps similar to those described in the following IPFire Wiki page:


Thats a little to complicated for me :grimacing:

Could this different solution for two machines be viable?

Configure a N2N VPN on both sides and import the client file of the other machine on both machines so that both have 2 N2Ns.
If one machine loses its public IP one NSN stops working but the other still works.

Could that work? :thinking:

:thinking: Could you please explain the acronym.


yes!!! Thousand times this!!!

Please community, define your acronyms in your messages. I make a huge effort to write at least once per message that WUI means Web User Interface, which is probably the most frequent acronym used in this forum. You (collective ‘you’) could do the same for less know acronyms.


My guess is miss print
NSN should be N2N.
Chalk one up for Dyslexia.
Spelling is not my friend.


It can also mean Near Space Network :wink: :smiley:

Exactly, N2N :smiley:

Was in a hurry, sorry for the bad spelling…