Connecting a wireless switch

I have a Linksys EA7200 wireless router/switch. I just reinstalled ipfire with the latest version. During setup I enabled the blue interface connection. Last time I just connected the linksys to the lan. I could access anything inside the lan plus I had internet connection. This time I want the wireless router to forward all through the RED interface. I want all the firewall protection and all the dhcp. Right now it is connected to blue and everything in the lan can connect to it but it has no connection to the internet. I understand I will have to bridge or do some other connection to get the setup I am trying to get. My issue is I am not trained in this. I don’t expect to be walked through this but I do hope someone will reply with some urls that will explain to me what I need to do. I have looked through the wiki but am unable to find anything similar to what I am wanting to do. Google didn’t help either. Most are referring to a wifi card that is connected to ipfire by motherboard or USB.
Thank you in advance for any urls you can point me to.

It seems like you would like the Linksys to be an access point to your network. You did not describe your network so lets go with a simple setup. There is a computer with 2 nic, one red goes to your isp and one green goes to your lan. You can configure the linksys as an AP with a static ip (outside the dhcp range). Then, any wireless clients you have (phone, laptop, tv) will get an ip from your lan.

ISP --- (red) ipfire (green) ---- lan (dhcp range
                             +-- AP (

Hope this helps.

I do appreciate your reply. I have now taken care of the issue. Sorry for taking so long to reply. And yes, I am a bit lax on describing issues. I guess I am in too big of a hurry. =)