Confused by what I'm seeing while setting up new firewall rule

Forgive me if this is a duplicate question. I see below people talking about some broken UI, but I’m not familiar enough with ipfire to know if what I’m seeing is the same thing.

I’m running IPFire 2.25 (armv5tel) - core152 on a Pi 3 B+. Having setup my red and green zones, I went about following some tutorials on setting up a firewall rule. I don’t think I’m seeing most of the web UI I think I’m supposed to.

All the tutorials I see describe multiple settings blocks but I only see the first Source block:

Am I correct that this is a bug? If so, thoughts on how to fix it? If not, how am I supposed to setup a rule?


This is for adding rules for access through the firewall and others.
You maybe looking for Firewall Options for the basic behavior
Also if you have not set up the Intrusion Prevention System look there
Also if you have not already set the Ruleset Settings you may want to set it to Snort/VRT GPLv2 Community Rules or go to and sign up for an account. hope this helps.

I made the change to the file (as mentioned in the other thread) and the UI I expected started appearing.

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the other thread (for reference):

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