Configure wifi (red - client) 88XXau


Wifi USB seems to be recognised without problems, “iw list” gives back nice info and “iwlist red0 scan” returns the right SSIDs.
This seems to be working ok right? (Im not a wifi expert, all my linux life is on eth…)

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 2357:0120 TP-Link Archer T2U PLUS [RTL8821AU]

But I cant find a way to configure it via the interface as the Docs describe.
How do you configure the wifi intereface as a client (and being the RED zone of course?!?!


Hi @daemonix

Welcome to the IPFire community.

The wiki link says

You will see the menu option only, if the system found a wireless adapter that is supported by the wireless stack. A list of all working wireless adapters can be found on our networking hardware compatibility list.

If you are not seeing the wui page for the red wireless client then did you configure the wireless network usb stick after the first reboot. The networking hardware compatibility list says that these wireless cards are usually not shown during the installation but can be configured afterwards. The start of the page of this link also gives guidance on finding information that the adaptor has been properly recognised per IPFire requirements.

Did you find the RTL88XXAU adaptor in the networking hardware compatibility list? When I had a look I could not find anything for RTL88 series in the list.


Yes I inserted the USB after the first boot. I can easily start over with the USB attached but I dont think this wifi card is on the support list for the GUI.

It is though supported quite nicely on OS level is seems. (Which is usually hard on other linux ditros).

How do I configure the red/wifi from terminal? /var/ipfire/* ?? Is the a more “hardcore” guide?


EDIT: maybe I can add my device id or something and see if it works?

I think the device needs to be inserted at boot. Most general purpose OS’s load many kernel driver modules, most of which are then not needed or used. IPFire generally loads those modules that are needed.

I would give it a try with the device plugged in before booting the device up

That doesn’t mean that it won’t work, just that it is not currently known about so may or may not work.

Looking in the git repository I can find linux firmware mentions for rtl8822b, cs and cu but not au
I am not knowledgeable enough about this to be able to say if this is a limiter or not but there are others on the forum who will be better able to say.

I would certainly give it a try with the adaptor plugged in at boot time. If that still does not work then other people can input the best way forward.

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Id didnt check the git code. Ill clone it and see.

I misunderstood your first post. I though you meant if I had the wifi inserted during the first boot/install. I have dont reboots with the card on, and I dont think something checked on the GUI.

On terminal the card looks perfect. (kernel module, iw list and scan is perfect to my eyes).
Lets see if something is better than me at configuring wifi on terminal!! help needed here :slight_smile:


Ok if iw list works it should supported. (I use a 8812au sometimes which use the same 88XXau kernel module)

Assign the device to RED in the setup and after that you have to configure the wifi client via the WebGUI.
You can also reach the GUI via terminal with elinks but this is not comfortable.


Thank you both @bonnietwin and @arne_f

It was indeed really easy. I just did the installation again by having the USB wifi there from start.
Just rebooting with the usb didnt do the trick.

wifi client seems ok now!