Configuation file /etc/network/interfaces or similar

Here is where you setup the network:

As ipfire is based on debian i want to view file /etc/network/interfaces…
But i cant find it.

I suppose that all the information get in the steps of network configuration is saved in some kind of file, that possibly could be edited or modified using the usual linux config network file…something in debian like:
$ cat /etc/network/interfaces
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

So where is the place where you can modify the network settings, if you need it. once you have ipfire installed and configured.


IPFire is not based on Debian. It is based on Linux From Scratch (LFS).

Network adjustments are done via the WUI not my manually editing files.

If you change files manually then when you save from the WUI your changes will be overwritten.

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Just to add to Adolf’s reply…

Go into SSH and then run setup. Like what you see in Step 5: Network Setup


In some articles i read that ipfire was based on debian…i ve learnt something new :wink:

Well i thought that web gui was a graphical interface that at the end would write down in some file all the network setup, something similar to /etc/network/interfaces… that could also be edited via text editor. It seems that only way to setup config is web or running again setup from console.

Am i rignt?

Wiki says

IPFire - The Operating System

IPFire is a whole operating system being installed on appropriate hardware. It is based on Linux but unlike a stock distribution like Debian or Fedora hardened and optimised for use as a firewall. Each component and software package that is being used is selected by the developers and built from its sources. Often those are patched to improve the security of the system and reduce attack surface. To give the maintainers this kind of flexibility, IPFire is not based on another distribution.

So the secondary literature ( articles ) is false!
As stated before, the wiki is our manual/documentation.

The configuration is stored in a file. But because of dependencies it is better to ‘edit’ this with setup.

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