Computer updates

When I have the proxy enabled in transparent mode I am able to connect to most any url. I am here now with the proxy enabled. However, there are a few sites it blocks. The most obvious sites are my linux and windows update sites. I have again spent considerable time trying to determine the cause. My system logs tell me that they are blocked but not why or what setting/app is the cause of it being blocked. To update any computer with any operating system I must first disable the proxy.
There are no proxy logs nor any proxy reports. I don’t know why. I did find this entry by another method “squid: FATAL: Bungled /etc/squid/squid.conf line 109: cachemgr_passwd” … Don’t know if it needs a different password or if it is something else. I only have 2 passwords for ipfire. Neither would work. I can disable proxy for now to check for and install updates but I’d rather not have to. And getting the cache manager working would be great.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

I use the proxy in non-transparent mode and have in linux in the system setting the proxy enabled. Every update for the linux machines work.
From my understanding of transparent and non transparent is that https is handled in the non-tranparent mode like a pass through. Nothing is blocked, if the firewall outgoing rule allows https.
transparent is different in handling the http and the https traffic.
I suggest try the proxy mentioned above as a first step.

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