Compex WLE600VX not detected

My Compex WLE600VX WiFi card is not detected on a NRG IPU641 system. On an Alix APU board it is running without problems. What could be the reason?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe something in the firmware settings?


are there any log messages regarding this device? If so, do they differ from your Alix APU board?

Should firmware be the root cause indeed, try upgrading to Core Update 163, which comes with an updated linux-firmware package. Perhaps that improves something.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Core Update 163 does not solve the problem.
In the console output I see the message “Could not find interface with address xx:xx … for wireless access point”. Where can I find the corresponding log file?


check /var/log/bootlog and /var/log/messages

Have you tried to clean the contacts? This miniPCIe connectors sometimes has problems.

I’ve removed and reinserted the card several times. But I will check that again.
Both log files contain nothing that looks like my WiFi card.

You know the card works, but do you know that your NRG IPU641 hardware is not malfunctioning? That would be my assumption if the firmware is all right. Is it possible that the firmware is configured in a way that does not initialize the Mini PCIe socket? Can you reset it to the factory defaults?

Is the card listed with lspci ?

The card is not listed. And a BIOS reset didn’t help either. I hope the IPU461 is ok. We have it since about 2 month, and it works fine otherwise.

It seems to be a BIOS Problem of the IPU641 system.

Thanks again everyone.