Compex WLE600VX disconnecting

I started a discussion about this when I tried to use Compex WLE600VX in 802.11ac mode here. I abandoned my attempt at 802.11ac and now I’m running at 802.11gn. Main issue I have is that the wifi disconnects all the time. I’ve experienced it across three different laptops I have in the house. I was also having some issues with some other equipment that I finally moved from wireless to wired that’s bridged to Blue network. All of the wired devices operate without issues now.

I tried various HT and VHT capabilities based on a number of different sources. Right now I’m only using HT caps, since i’m in 802.11gn mode.

I have not been able to find any issues in the logs that show why the card disconnects, but I do see it disconnecting and then reconnecting fairly frequently. There is some warning about radar detection as well.

I ended up getting the WLE600VX card since I heard it works out of the box here, but so far it’s been nothing but a nightmare. It replaced an old card that was in that system for at least 7-8 years and ran like a champ. I decided to upgrade to a higher power card since I needed a bit more range and was putting in some new antennas around the house to help with the signal.

Can anyone guide me in what I should be looking into? or do I just have a bad card?