CNVio and CNVio.2 Support

Before buying an WiFi 6E card ( Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 or Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210) I searched the documentation about the prerequisites and discovered that Intel AX cards (WiFi 6E) do require CNVio.2 which has some constraints on top of CNVio (see Wikipedia)
According to the Intel Community article below, the CNVio.2 do need Intel CPU above Generation 10 in order to offload some tasks from card to CPU

QQ:Does ipFire supports CNVio.2?

Motherboard and processor are the latest:

Processor Model: Celeron N5105 - Intel specs say that supports Wifi AX

Integrated Wireless: Intel® Wireless-AX MAC

All HW details:

I’ve AX200/AX210 cards with Intel 8./9. gen and AMD working and never encountered an issue.

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I have not got any intel card to work in 5Ghz mode which is needed for AX mode.
All cards are set to WORLD region setting that blocks inital radio (AP Mode) on other channels than 1-11


Thank you @arne_f !
You saved me from some trouble digging in documentation after documentation trying to make it work…