Clonezilla won't boot on Duo Box

I have a Duo Box that I can boot from USB. While I still get the boot selection screen from Clonezilla (downloaded only some days ago, not sure if using Debian or Ubuntu based), starting any variant of Clonezilla (including the failsafe option) results in a reset of the machine.

I have no logs or further output to see any details of the problem =(

Any hints what could be causing this?

Clonezilla requires special procedure to produce a USB bootable device. Clonezilla on USB. If you have done that and it is failing, then Ventoy provides a more robust method: Ventoy, by booting the ISO from USB device.

Well, it’s booting as I said, just not starting. Hope you know what I mean =)
Will try Ventoy.

Was able to boot and start/use Clonezilla using Ventoy. Took some time though (~a minute) until something happened.

This is an idiosyncrasy of Clonezilla, GParted etc. They give zero output to screen, until ready to display a user menu