Clients can't connect to Microsoft Store (and other sites)

I have a bit of an odd issue, which I was hoping someone may be able to help with.

I have an IPFire system setup, which is pretty much vanilla and out of the box configuration - no proxy, no firewall changes. The LAN output connects to a switch which also connects to some TP Link Deco mesh units for WiFi (in access point mode). I also have another router (TP Link MR-6400) connected to the switch via its WAN port which creates a competely segregated network with a different subnet (TL-MR6400 | 300 Mbps Wireless N 4G LTE Router | TP-Link United Kingdom).

When clients are connected to the IPFire network (either via the Deco or via the ethernet switch), there are a number of microsoft sites which can not be accessed (e.g. clients don’t get their microsoft credentials when starting Outlook, or cannot access Microsoft Store).

If clients connect to the MR-6400 (which still routes to the internet via the IPFire network), they CAN get access to these sites, which is really strange.

Has anyone got any thoughts on what I should check to identify the potential issue here?


I may have found the (potential) issue.

On one of the clients, I went to the proxy settings and disabled the option to “Automatically detect settings”, and things seem to work now on that individual client.

My IPFire install used to have a transparent proxy on red (with a basic URL filter), but after a system crash (during an update), and I reinstalled the whole system. On the new install, I didn’t bother implementing the transparent proxy.

For some reason, clients may be trying to connect to a proxy that no-longer exists.

Is there a way I can check if there are any strange proxy settings on the IPFire system (even thought they aren’t showing in the IPFire WebGUI?

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sorry for my tardy reply.

Interesting. I am not very familiar with Windows proxy autoconfiguration, but this should not happen.

If there is still an upstream proxy set, it’s FQDN or IP address and credentials should show up in

cat /var/ipfire/proxy/settings

However, I would have expected the CGI to display that as well.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter MĂĽller

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