Client on a WLAN Repeater did not get a internet connection


I just get a wlan repeater which i connect to my blue wlan.
A client can connect to the wlan and he also get the correct IP address, based on the DHCP settings of ipfire, but I do not get a internet connections.

All my rules are ip based and the client also get the correct ip address, but there is no internet connection. When the client connect directly to the WLAN access point,
everything works fine.

Where is my fault ?

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Could be normal.

Mac Filter.

The wlan repeater is also in the list of
Blue wlan Access.
I already insert the mac. In this access list.
The wlan repeater gets his ip address from the dhcp Server as well.
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Reason found.
After I cleared the source field of the WLAN Blue Access for the mac address of the
WLAN Repeater, it works
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