Client >ipfire openvpn server>blue access

I have this configuration, only is blue network-wifi.

From client i can access smb server on green netvork

Client cant access smb server on blue network over wifi.
I commented out 1194 in client .ovpn file.

  1. Is this configuration possible?
  2. Can someone point me to solution? I already read all openvpn configuration in ipfirewiki.

#OpenVPN Client conf
dev tun
proto udp
tun-mtu 1400
remote 1194
#Coment the above line and uncoment the next line, if you want to connect on the Blue interface
remote 1194
pkcs12 DEFROST.p12
cipher AES-256-CBC
auth SHA512
verb 3
remote-cert-tls server
verify-x509-name name
mssfix 0

One of the two remote commands should be commented out. But not both uncommented.

If you want to connect from local BLUE to VPN then you uncomment the remote 1194

If you want to connect from the Internet to VPN, then you uncomment remote 1194

but not both uncommented.

I don’t know if this will help with the smb server issue.

Do you mean this configuration: - OpenVPN and WLAN
I think this solution works only in local LAN.
If i comment out RED addressremote 1194, then i can not reach ipfire server.
If i comment out BLUE remote 1194or not, makes no difference for me.
I need confirmation that computers on wifi -BLUE behind ipfire openvpn server are reachable from client-pc.
Computers on GREEN are normally reachable (remote desktop, file share…)

Openvpn is in roadwarior configuration.

Hi @digiz222

I understand now what you are trying to do. You want to be able to access machines on both green and blue from your client in the internet via an openvpn tunnel.

As your tunnel is from red (internet) to green then this should work because green is open to blue by default. So any machine in green should be able to communicate with a machine in the blue network, unless you have created any firewall rules that block that traffic.

The thing I don’t understand is that you say you want to access the smb server on green and on blue. Do you have a separate smb server on both green and blue or what do you mean when you say you want to access the smb server on blue.

Where is the smb server located.

Very simple configuration.

From remote location (from my girlfriend for example), trough openvpn tunel, to my home, where is laptop with windows sharing folder. Laptop is on wifi network.

Is there anybody out there with this configuration :cold_face:

When you are at home on a machine on Green, can you access the sharing folder that is on the laptop on Blue. If this does not work when you are on the lan side of IPFire then it won’t work via the OpenVPN tunnel.

What happens when you ping the laptop in blue from green via the OpenVPN tunnel. If you get a response from ping then it indicates the network access is working but something else is blocking the access, maybe the samba configuration.

I have noted that you are using windows machines. Have you adjusted the default windows firewall rules. They will block any subnet to subnet communication, ie from green to blue. You could test this by temporarily disabling the firewall on the windows machine(s). If it works in this case then you will need to modify your windows firewall rules to allow subnet to subnet communication.

The above are some suggestions that come to mind but I can’t help with more detail as I haven’t used samba for several years now and all my systems are Linux based.

Thx 2021 times.
Of course it was windows firewall. After update to core 135 i was fiddling with smb settings, and screwed up everything, but didnt notice.

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Glad you were successful to get it working.

covid boring :grin:

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