Cleanup Firewall protocols

i’ve got tons of entries in the firewall protocols which make the navigation kind of slow, so I wanted to get rid of all (cleanup) but I can’t find any option to do so?
Any ideas how to cleanup the protocols via WebUI?
Thx in advance.

They are automatically rotated, but they will always be all shown in the UI.

You can manually delete /var/log/messages.N.gz where N is a number for the revision of the log file.

I would totally recommend against deleting log files.

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Hm I deleted them and tried again. Didn’t feel faster at all so i restored them. I don’t know why it feels kind of slow showing up the log entries.

Do you have a particularly slow storage device like a compact flash card or something?

No I use 40GB Intel SATA SSDs. Maybe the slow AMD APU is the reason why it takes about 5-7 seconds to load a site of log entries or I’m just too spoiled.

With a proper SSD that should not be a problem.

We are parsing log files here, which is not cheap, but it should not keep the processors busy for that long.

Can you check with htop what you are seeing? Load on usr or sys?