CLAMAV: Scans PDF within eMails by ipfire and automatic remove when virus deteced

Hi to all,
how can I configure the system, that it will also scan eMails (from Thunderbird, gmx) received with attached PDF, which may have include a virus.
The system should remove in this case automatically the PDF and makes a comment within the email or somewhere, that the file was removed because of virus detected.

I already use CLAMAV.

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In IPFire clamav comes integrated with squid web proxy with all the plumbing necessary, like
squidclamav to scan files coming trough the web browser.

However, IPFire does not have a mailing system integrated and therefore it cannot be easily set to accomplish what you are looking for.

You can install some component of a mailing system, but it needs to be configured and also the whole plumbing needed (e.g. amavis) is not available.

You could set it up yourself, but this task would require including important components of the ecosystem that are not present as plugins, by integrating them in IPFire source code and recompiling the whole thing.

Easier to set up behind IPFire a linux machine like ubuntu for this task.


I just thought, ipfire will be able to scan the data stream of the email system, when i select transparent mode for the interface. That means i will need additional software on the client side and can not be scanned central.
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