Cirrus7 nimbus v3

Please excuse my English but unfortunately there is no German section anymore and I am dependent on :wink:

I have been looking for new hardware for my router on which QEMU should run with 3 VMs for quite some time.
As object of my desire I currently have the “cirrus7 nimbus v3” in my eye.
Does anyone already have experience with the system?

Soon a system with AMD Ryzen will be released.

My configuration would be:
Board: ASRock IMB-1213 (1x Intel I210 & 1x Intel I219LM)
CPU: Intel Core i5-9400T
SSD: 512GB
Coling: Extended Cooling Edition

Core i5.9400T has 4 physical cores and no HT support.
If you’re planning to virtualize multi-core/cpu guests maybe these could be a little bottleneck into available computational power. Ryzen version should have more physical cores, therefore higher availability of computational power for guests.

Anyway it’s a really interesting solution for a low noise computer, but maybe a small server like PowerEdge T30, ThinkServer ST50 or Proliant ML30 could be a way to have a better platform with more virtualization-oriented solutions.
Cirrus7 case is far more sleek than the server i suggested you :wink: