Changing OVPN server settings - consequences?


in the last time I get some questions from users regarding my OVPN server settings.
Most are like:
“I get a warning about using AES128-CBS …” or the OpenSSL 3 problem.

My question is.
If I change the settings to AES256-GCM on the server, what are the consequences?
Do the clients “only” have to change the settings for the Chiffre in their settings or is more to-do?

Changing the Chiffre will be hard work for some people so I hope it is the only step :slight_smile: .



I think it should work out of the box, but I take no responsibility if I am wrong. You should test it yourself first.

Change the server settings to AES-256-GCM.
On the Client side change cipher AES128-CBS to cipher AES-256-GCM in the config file
→ finished…