Changing Green, Blue NIC IP addresses

Hi, simple question that I cannot seem to find an answer for by searching. During initial setup, I chose IP addresses for green and blue NICs such that they would not overlap with my existing internal network setup. This way, I could test the interface without having to worry about overlapping dhcp assignments. However, now I’d actually like to use IPFire as my gateway, and I cannot figure out how to change the IP address assignments for eth1…ethn. I am used to the networking layout of Ubuntu/Debian systems, and for the life of me can’t find these settings either in the UI or in /etc/. :confused: Do I need to re-install from scratch to change IP addresses? That seems extreme! Please let me know how I can proceed. Thanks much!

Hello crw! Welcome to the IPFire Community!

go to Terminal and SSH into the IPFire box. At the command prompt enter setup:

look for Address Settings.


Thank you! I ran setup, changed the IP addresses, and now things are working as expected. I did have to manually re-write the dhcpd.conf file with the new IP address range, but that was pretty easy. I’ve plugged in my IPFire box and it is working great. Thanks!

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