Change Title of my topic

I would like to change my topic title at:

IPFire setup questions
Connecting 2 laptops together, 1 laptop running IPFire
To make it more clear for future reference.
I tried to edit my original post but just saw a version control diff page.
Can I still edit the title?
If not, could a moderator please do this?
Thanks ahead of time…


my expectation would be to be able to change titles of my own threads (by clicking at the pencil icon next to the headline above the first post), but since I happen to have administrative privileges here, I do not know if this assumption is correct. :expressionless:

Anyway: Thanks for your intention, having people adjusting their thread’s titles is rare. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

I changed the title about an hour ago but forgot to respond to this post.


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Hi Jon,

thanks, I double-checked the title the other day, but forgot to reply here as well, so I thought it was till the old one… :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Hi Peter and Jon,
I had clicked the pencil icon next to the headline and the system showed my a side by side comparison of my current post and previous edit, like git diff, but I could not find a way to edit the title. I think I could have only reverted to an earlier version of the whole post. I thought maybe after a certain time the post is not editable anymore…
In any case thank you responding and changing the title…
It’s a nice forum (feature wise) and having moderators like you make it great!

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Different pencil… (its not you - it is confusing)

I am guessing the Title/Category Edit Pencil times out ofter some period of time (Sorry I don’t know the duration). And then disappears.

When a user does click on the pencil then this pops up and the user is able to edit the Title.

Hi Jon,
I appreciate you pointing that out.
I believe the pencil disappears after a while as well. I’m guessing 24 hours.
This is how my post looks to me logged in:

I assume you can see it because you have higher privileges than me.
When I click the pencil on the same line as my username, I am shown current and old versions of my post and can revert , but not edit anything.