Change /etc/default/grub in git repo build

I cloned git://

Is ./build/etc/default/grub the file I modify to change from graphical to console so my puny 8mb rage xl can handle the boot after install?

I commented out GRUB_BACKGROUND and added GRUB_TERMINAL=“console”

The screen is blank when I reboot after an install.

I’m going to read up and go through the LFS so I get a better handle on the build process.


The build directory is a temporary location where all the compiled binaries etc for the IPFire core programs are stored and this is then used to create the iso and img files.

If you are modifying anything in the build tree after the build is completed it will not end up in the iso or img files.

The grub default file is in the git tree at ./config/grub2/ and as part of the build is moved from there to its final position by commands in the grub lfs file.

However the rage xl graphics card should really cope with the install and boot as there is no real graphics being done in the console.

It could be that the rage xl (originally released around 2004) uses a driver that is no longer a standard driver in the linux kernel of today.

In that case the better approach would be to use the serial console option for connecting to the unit and ignore the vga graphics card completely.

As the rage xl is around 20 years old I want to also just confirm that the machine you are trying to install onto is a 64 bit machine and not a 32 bit system.
IPFire no longer supports 32 bit installs since Core Update 163 at the start of 2022.

The system is AMD 64 bit, I currently have IPFire 182 installed in a Proxmox VM on that system.

I tried GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nomodeset" and GRUB_TERMINAL=console with the above install and it seems to do what I want.

The toolchain build finished, the build is running now, once it’s done I’ll test it on a new VM install on the system above. If that works as expected I’ll try installing directly on that system and see what happens.

The reason for this? I just wanted to place it before an IPFire 181 system connected to my isp here and let it run. So I’ll have three IPFire systems daisy-chained. I noticed some anomalies with IPS and want to track them down.

isp → 182 → 181 \house with/libvirt/nfs/wifi → 181 \lab constantly tinkering

Thanks for the file location pointer.

I don’t know how important this is but I noticed Debian 12 defaults to dash and

dpgk-reconfigure dash

doesn’t work.

I used the following on Debian 12 to change dash to bash,

sudo dpkg-divert --remove --no-rename /usr/share/man/man1/sh.1.gz
sudo dpkg-divert --remove --no-rename /bin/sh
sudo ln -sf bash.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/sh.1.gz
sudo ln -sf bash /bin/sh
sudo dpkg-divert --add --local --no-rename /usr/share/man/man1/sh.1.gz
sudo dpkg-divert --add --local --no-rename /bin/sh 

I found the above here “dpkg-reconfigure” dash no longer works