Change default port (webinterface)

How or where can I change the standard port (444) to 4443 for the web interface

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Not sure why you would want to change the port number. It requires https whatever port is being used. Unless you have opened up the port to it on the red interface then it can only be reached via green or blue and if you want to restrict it to just green then follow the following wiki page

If you really wanted to change it you would need to change it in several places in the code. At least the following files have that port specified in them.


There may be others I have missed as I just did a quick search for 444 in the code base.

You would probably need to redo all the changes after a Core Update as those files could be overwritten by their default values.


@blackcat , as @bonnietwin wrote the port of the WebGUI is used in multiple places. This isn’t really nice, but emerged over time. Seems most ( all? ) developers took/take this port as fix in the project.

You can discuss your suggestion to make it variable by posting a case in BugZilla ( your credentials for this community work also for this ).
But it may last some time until it will be realised. It is a ‘nice to have’ functionality, not severe ( IMHO ).

For the time being search for a solution in your system.

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I am from Austria and will soon have my final apprenticeship examination, I am training to become a systems technician in the second educational path.
Among other things this is a task to do

thank you very much!!