Change branch/repository from unstable to stable

In the menu IPFire > Pakfire I changed the repository from Stable to Testing. And then from Testing to Unstable.

When I changed the repository from Stable (Core 143) to Testing I did not see or expect any change since nothing was released for testing. All is good.

I changed the repository from Testing to Unstable and then something new popped up in Pakfire. I clicked on Pakfire to the testing update, and now I was on:

IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 144 Development Build: next/2399b70d

…which was also expected.

After doing some brief testing I tried to go from Unstable to Stable. Pakfire seemed to react correctly but there is no Stable release to go back to.

Does this seem right? Should I be able to get back to Stable?

If you change the value in /opt/pakfire/db/core/mine to {stable-1}, then pakfire will re-install stable. This change is also needed to go back to stable from testing branch.

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could somebody please add this to the wiki so the way back thanks.

edit. have done this. but in my case it is like @jon IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 143 Development Build: master/551bc489 is shown. Is thiss a bug?

If a GUI not do what he offer, the GUI is broken. It makes no sense for me if i must do additional things. If you think diffrent feel free and change the wiki on your own :wink:

I’m reluctant to add more than a final line, to the effect “reverting to stable requires intervention at CLI”

From a tactical perspective, the wiki states that testing is for power users and such people are likely to have more than one IPFire installation, but it would be prudent to keep at least one at stable branch, resulting in infrequent need to revert.

From a technical perspective, 100% reverstion might not be possible, if an unstable branch has changed config files or added/replaced files and/or procedures. Some other Linux distributions can successfully revert, but only by maintaining complete snapshots of previous versions.

This continues showing until you run pakfire to re-upgrade the system to stable.

Changing back to stable won’t roll back your testing system. We simply do not support that.

This is something that we do automatically on testing and unstable, but not on stable.

Some files will be left from the new updates and we have no easy way to clean up.

No, this works as intended.

I do not think that this is necessary, not would I recommend it.

People who join in testing usually know what they are doing and someone who does not know how to long on to the console should rather refrain from this.

Hmm. I’m just trying to get this straight in my head.

So if I am on Testing (or Unstable) how do I get to the new Core Update? If Unstable is moved to Testing (and is released on the blog), and then is promoted from Testing to Stable, will I see an update on the Pakfire page?

Maybe instead of seeing Pakfire is working … when moving branches backwards there should be a screen that states “Unable to …”.

Hmm, I disagree. You are able to return. The system might have installed the latest version from “testing” and you might go back to stable and everything will be fine.

The bottom line is that your system might be in an undefined state and there is no guarantee to recover from it back to stable.

what?!? Making fun of my “Hmm”?? :wink:

I did not see a path back from Testing and to Stable. After clicking Save I saw the Pakfire is working . . . but no other indication the Repository had changed back.

An upgrade from core 143 testing to core 144 stable, when the latter is released, ought to be reliable and able to be done via web UI.

core 143 testing worked well for me, but if you really need to get to core 143 stable, then backup and reinstall would be the only reliable way.

Here’s a scenario I’ve seen in the past:

Let’s say I change into the “Testing” branch. A few days later, the “Testing” branch requires a fix, and is rebuilt.

Must I decrement “/opt/pakfire/db/core/mine” to reapply the branch update?

When the “Testing” branch is released, if I switch back to the “Stable” branch, should I assume a decrement of “/opt/pakfire/db/core/mine” is needed?


Yes, to reinstall an update, this is the way to go. It is not elegant and I have a ticket to create a simple command for that, but I am just too busy with many other things and did not think of this as the biggest priority.