Cavium Nitrox PX Security Macro processor


Is it possible to use this card under IPFire?
The card: link

This is a cheap security protocol processor card with hardware random number generator. I think this is useful for low power firewall. The peak power consumption of the card (with one processor) was only 2.541W.

We ship the Cavium Nitrox CNN55XX kernel module but i have no reports if and how it work, also im not sure if this particular card is supported by this driver.

I will check it under Ubuntu, which kernel module was loaded for the card. Under Ubuntu I see the card as working, but nothing can use it :smile:
Thank you for the information, I will dig this card to my backyard :grinning:

I am not sure if this a good investment of your money. If you need faster AES throughput, I can only recommend to get a processor with AES-NI.

If you can’t, you can chose ChaCha20-Poly1305, which is a stream cipher that is very fast on processors and has been developed to perform well on embedded and mobile systems. It is considered to be at least as strong as AES.

This card is only 10$ with shipping. Not a big loss. I just want to test it. Not working, no problem. :slight_smile:
I have a far enough configuration for my internet connection (the average CPU usage is less than 20%), but it’s lacking the hardware random generator. I gave it a try, but I don’t win. C’est la vie :slight_smile:

Only for the records: Your processor has AES-NI, according to your profile.

Therefore the Cavium Nitrox PX seems quite useless.
Instead, how much does it cost an used AMD A6 6310? Maybe for more money you could gain something in performance with the same TDP.

It might work. I cannot say that I have heard of anyone using it.

Regarding a HWRNG, IPFire will probably make very little use out of it.