Casting Plex, YouTube and Chrome tabs oh my

I tried pinholing a blue to the green tv
I tried mDNS via pakfire. I don’t see any config options so assuming it just does what it does.

How do I get these apps to cast to my TV on green? I don’t know what sorcery Plex and YouTube use for their apps.

What does your pin hole look like?

From a little reading you may need
mDNS repeater
IGMP proxy
Good luck. not sure I can be of much more help.
I have no Chrome cast

I use mDNS for lots of Apple things. And I use Plex as a client on Apple TV only. There is no Plex server at my location.

My son has the Plex host/server at an external location and I can access fine. I did not need mDNS for Plex using my client only set-up.

Please provide more details on the errors you see when things do not work. What errors are you seeing on the browsers, etc.

tell us about the Plex client and the Plex server.

Also, it there anything in the messages log when a failure happens?

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Everything is local. There are no errors. When I go to the cast icon in plex or youtube my TV is not listed as an option. But I see it when I am on green on my desktop.

ok, update, i just went in to check again to make sure I couldn’t see any errors, and now it’s working. I don’t get it. I closed the apps numerous times to make sure.

I will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the help.

IGMP proxy is only needed for IPTV, a specific protocol for delivering audio and video content. This requires a package in your internet subscription. It is not needed for home media servers or live TV services delivered through apps or web apps.

At the heart of IPTV there is the multicast optimization technique. Multicast is well-suited for local networks (meaning local PROVIDER’S network) and specific use-cases, like IPTV, where the same data is sent to multiple recipients from within the provider network.

This is very different from streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon generally do not use multicast due to the unicast nature of the internet and the complexities involved in implementing multicast at a global scale. The same is true for a home multimedia server like Plex, multicast optimization is generally not necessary for a small number of delivery points like a household or a small community.

If you are trying to do casting then that won’t natively work across subnets because it uses a broadcast approach and broadcasts can not be routed from one subnet (green) to another (blue) or vice versa.

The mDNS addon allows that broadcast limitation to be overcome.

You do have to do some minimal configuration.
See the wiki page on mDNS


I dont think that is true for blue to green .
Pre configured for blue to green.

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I haven’t used it myself. I interpreted the line in the wiki

mdns-repeater only requires the interface names and it will do the rest.

to mean that you had to define in some location which interfaces you wanted to use.

If you are familiar with using it then your input is better than mine. :+1:

I take it that the example firewall rule in the wiki is just the pin hole rule from blue to green.

I have not used it myself either.
Pointed someone else to it for printer discovery.
Must ship with simple pre configured for green blue.

Personally would move TV to blue.
Can’t trust TV.

Plex should only need pin hole for tv to plex server.
Mobile devices in Blue can find TV in same subnet without mDNS

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I think Derek is OK. It sounds like all is working…

No configuration needed. I looked at the code and BLUE and GREEN are auto-picked for mDNS repeater.

In the future avahi’s mDNS reflector will be used to go from blue to green and green to blue.;a=commit;h=34345ff1ef4cf0124ecd90a7cd4a378cb36a6042


Can’t do that cause it can’t handle the 4k HDR streams.

I wander if hairpin NAT would work for TV with plex?